Thursday, August 11, 2011

Bronzed Babe

By now, you've probably got your summer tan going strong.  But, it's so very important that you protect your face and chest from the harsh rays!  
Make sure you layer your sunscreen on and grab a hat on the way to the beach or pool! 
That being said, everyone wants to have that touched-by-the-sun look.  You can still achieve this without getting premature wrinkles!  There are tons of tanning options- spray tan, self tanning creams and wipes.   
After that, choose a great bronzer to sweep on your cheeks, and you'll look like you've spent the week sipping drinks by the pool!

 When shopping for a bronzer, take into account your skin color and type.  If you are fair to light, select a bronzer that is pale beige with a rose-gold undertone.  And, if you are Medium to dark skinned, go for a bronzer that is truly brown with golden undertones.  Try to avoid getting anything that may look orange, it looks very unnatural!  Powder for Oily to Normal skin, and Cream bronzers for dry skin.  

To apply your bronzer, there are 2 ways.  You can lightly brush where the sun would hit you (forehead, nose, and cheeks) for a natural all-over look.  Or you can Contour, by applying it under the cheekbones. Then add a highlighter to the tops of cheekbones keeping that area below the eyes light and bright.  Also on the forehead and along the jawbone.

Here are some products that we use and love!  Some have shimmer, some are matte, but remember the most natural is just a touch of shimmer!
Normal-Dry skin:  Nars Mulitple "Laguna", can also use on lips and eyes
XO- Laura 

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