Thursday, March 29, 2012

New Spin on the High Bun!!!

Loving the new High Bun on "One Tree Hills" Shantel VanSanten. I love that this look could be so gorgeous on anyone. Especially a Bride on her Big Day paired with a vintage broach, headband or even theses statement earrings seen in the pictures below.


Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Photoshoot with Ashlee Raubach!

 We were beyond thrilled when Ashlee Raubach approached us to do the Hair & Makeup for this fun Photo Shoot with her Bride.
We were honored to be amongst such a talented Photographer and beautiful Models as well.


Ashlee Raubach Photography more pics here.

XO- D & L

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

PhotoShoot with LimeLife Photography!!!

Lime Life Photography contacted us and wanted Swell Beauty's head makeup artist " Laura" to be a part of the upcoming Exquisite Wedding Magazine Cover Contest.
Here's some of the pics!!

They didn't win the cover this time but Lime Life Photography made it to the top 10.


Monday, March 19, 2012

Behind the Scenes with our Bride Allison

We had such a great time with Allison & her bridal party that we had to post these behind the scenes shots.

Thanks again to Racz Photography for the great Pics.

XO- D & L

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

10 Makeup Tips Every Bride Should Know

We know that Brides are always wanting to look their very best, and these makeup tips will help anyone understand the important little details makeup can make on the wedding day.

1. More Makeup is better for Photos- Have you ever seen a picture of yourself and thought . ."I swear I was wearing makeup!?" Photography tends to wash out faces! Make sure that you take your makeup a step further than you normally do on the wedding day. You'll be glad you did!

2. Foundation Primer is a must- Weddings can go all day and into the night. Make sure that your complexion stays by wearing a Primer underneath your foundation. Primers not only help your makeup stay in place, but your foundation goes on smoother for a better finish.
3. Concealer after Foundation- After foundation is applied, take a step back and see what else needs a little extra coverage. That's where concealer does it's magic. Also, beware that undereye concealer can sometimes be a different shade that face concealer. If you have dark circles, go for a peach/beige concealer to combat the blue/purple under the eyes. If you have a blemish, try to match your foundation so you don't have a white spot.
4. Oil Blotting Sheets- These little lifesavers are a Bride's best friend. They are perfect for absorbing extra oil and shine without messing up your makeup. They also don't deposit color, which is nice when you need any extra coverage. You can use these as often as needed throughout the day!
5. Eye Shadow Primer! - To avoid getting that crease in your eyeshadow halfway through the day, an eyeshadow primer is the ticket! Not only does it help the eyeshadow stay in place, it controls the oil on the lid. Blend it from the lash line and up the brows.

6. Waterproof Gel Eyeliner- Regular pencil eyeliner has the ability to fade, smudge, or get greasy from the wax in it. Try getting a gel eyeliner and apply with a fine brush. These eyeliners, usually in a pot, are waterproof and will stay a dark rich color all day!
7. Fill in Your Eyebrows- Even if you NEVER fill in your brows, this is the very best day to do it! Filling in your eyebrows will give them a better shape, frame your eyes and face, and make you look better in pictures! Pick a color that is a shade or two lighter than your actual eyebrows, and then fill in between the hairs to shape them or make them fuller. A pencil is good for thinner brows, powder with an angled brush is best for fuller brows.
8. Lashes!! - This is a great opportunity to wear fake eyelashes! Whether it's a strip or individuals, you can get a more dramatic look with those added lashes. It will make your eyes stand out and look really beautiful. Don't forget to curl your real lashes so that they blend well!

9. Pack on the Blush- You will look radiant, glowing, and feminine with a gorgeous pink cheek. Don't be afraid to wear more than you normally do! Smile in the mirror, and start with applying your blush at the apples of the cheeks and blend out from there!

10. Lip Liner will make a difference- When choosing your lip color for the day, find a lip liner shade you like and fill in almost your entire lips. This will hold on your lipstick or lipgloss three times longer! And it will keep your lips shaped for longer too. Look for the lipliners that are "long wear" or "stay in place", as these are meant to hold for hours! Perfect for your Wedding day!


Monday, March 12, 2012

Melyssa & Seth's Wedding!!

     We really enjoyed meeting this beautiful bride and being apart of her special Day.
   How cute is this couple? Ashlee Raubach shot these amazing Photos. 

XO- D & L

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Pasadena Bride Show-Attention all Brides

Come Check out the Pasadena Bride Show tomorrow March.11 at the Pasadena Convention Center from 10am-4pm. Tons of awsome vendors to check out and a fun fashion Show!!!
Be sure to Check us out at booth #206. Don't forget to enter our drawing for a chance to win a FREE HAIR & MAKEUP Service for your Wedding!!

XO-D & L

Friday, March 9, 2012

Photo Shoot Time!!!!

I had so much fun styling the Shepard Girls Hair for this cute families Photo shoot. Thanks to the fabulous Photographer Laura J.M. Shepard for capturing theses precious moments. You can check out her work Here.


Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Hair styles that are inspired by Marilyn Monroe

       Marilyn Monroe seems to be a big inspiration for Everyone lately.We are all loving the new trend or lets say, the classic Old Hollywood Glamour. 

 Especially with all the Buzz on the new hit Show "SMASH". 

Here are some other celebs over the years that have done a good job of re-creating the Glamorous look that Marilyn did so flawlessly. 

Brides are being inspired as well for their Wedding Day!

 Michelle Williams also did a fantastic job of Portraying Marilyn with her almost identical performance.

And Lastly, MAC recently announced they would be creating a line of beauty products inspired by none other than Marilyn Monroe. The Collection will Celebrate Marilyn's "legacy & Iconic beauty look" with over 30 limited edition  products, the collection will be available this October.