Friday, September 2, 2011

Product Review: Clinique Goodies

I love to try new products as much as I can!  Getting my hands on them, testing them, and ultimately buying them if I like what I see.  A few products that I came across lately are from Clinique, which has not been a go-to brand of mine since High School.  Who knew!!?? These two products "wowed" me, and I had to share the love.  

When I first saw the Ad for these, I knew I wanted to try them.  Not only do I like the words "moisturizing" and "chubby stick", but colors also looked very enticing!  I love a sheer pop of color on the lips, and that's exactly what these are.  Swipe them on anytime for some moisture and color at the same time!  I personally have Super Strawberry and Whole Lot o Honey, and I definitely want Grape Up for the Fall!!  ($15.00 at any Clinique counter)

 As a makeup artist, I have tried a lot of formulas on many different people.  But for myself, I have a hard time finding a foundation that suits me.  I've used Stila's Tinted moisturizer forever, but have been wanting a little more coverage.  I get dry very easily, to where many foundations dry me out within 2 hours.  This Clinique Even Better was such a great find.  I love that it has a more Medium coverage, and it looks amazing on the skin!  I can wear it all day without it fading.  It's my new everyday go-to makeup!  It's also a great price ($24.50) and has a TON of shades!  
TIP:  Mix with a little moisturizer to sheer it out, or illuminating liquid for an added glow!


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