Thursday, October 27, 2011

Our Favorite Mascara!

We've been on the search to find people's favorite mascara.  We heard some great responses, ones we've tried and ones we haven't.  Over several years of being in the makeup world, I've found many contenders for a perfect mascara.  Time and time again I go back to this one . . . . . .
Our Top #1 pick is L'oreal Voluminous in Carbon Black.  

Here's why:  I love how it coats the lashes with a glossy dark black shade.  It has a nice big brush, but not too big like some other's out there.  It's not too wet so it doesn't weigh down the lashes and make them go straight.  The results are volumizing, lengthening, and fluffs up lashes beautifully.  Also it comes in Waterproof- perfect for Weddings, vacations, or humid weather!!!  The best part, it retails at around $7.00 at any drugstore, so you have afford to get one for your house and one for your purse!

Here are some other's that we also like!!
Very similar to Voluminous in getting thick, dark beautiful lashes.  It's a great one that everyone should try! Retails at $24.50

They took their best selling volume and length mascaras and combined them into Lash Blast Fusion.  It's a great formula with tiny fibers that add thickness and length to your lashes.  Tip- Don't even think about getting any color other than *Very Black! Retails at around $7.00 at drugstores.

I tried this for the first time this summer, and I love the results! It's instantly pushes up my lashes, makes them full and thick, and lasts all day!  And, it's made from natural ingredients- as well as most of Tarte's line.  Retails at $19.00

A Classic best seller.  It's a great go-to for many women, they love the length it gives.  It's a great glossy dark shade with a beautiful finish.  If you're a light bonde- their black/brown shade is great! More for length rather than volume. Retails at $25.00

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