Sunday, November 13, 2011

Veil . . . or No Veil?

It is the Classic Bridal look to have a long white veil complimenting your gown, but  . .  . times they are a changin'!
It has become increasingly popular to get a little more creative with your hair accessories.  And, as stylists, we absolutely love it!  We have seen so many Bride's add extra bling to their up-dos with flowers, feathers, and broaches. 
If you still want to have a veil, Here's an idea:  Wear your veil to the ceremony, and then surprise your guests with a glamourous and fun hair piece for the reception!  
Here are some super cute one's we have come across . . 

Here are the sites, check them out!
 Lo Boheme

XO~ L & D

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