Monday, January 30, 2012

The Big Secret behind Hot Rollers

Here's the Big Secret Behind Hot Rollers......... "Use them"!!!

If you're the type that can never style your hair like your stylist does when you leave the salon, or really want the Glam look with little effort . . . then Hot Rollers are your answer!  Hot Rollers are not a thing of the past! Find your Mom's or Grandma's old Rollers, or go buy a new won't regret it.  For longer lasting results, put a root boost or mouse in your wet hair prior to drying.  Then wrap your dry Hair in rollers.  For a fuller salon look, use Bigger rollers.  For soft waves use medium to small rollers.  Last but not least.....PRACTICE  PRACTICE  PRACTICE.  You might be discouraged the first time you use them but keep trying until you get the look you want.  You would be surprised on how many celebrities use them.  So put aside your flat iron or curling iron and see what results you will get and love!

Here's the Top "5" Best  HOT ROLLER sets you can buy:

    BaByliss Pro Ceramic Instant Heat 20-Roller Set

     Conair Extreme Heat Jumbo and Super Jumbo Rollers

Conair Rollers Instant Heat Travel Hairsetter, Jumbo

Remington Ceramic Compact, Large and Medium Roller




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  1. Thanks! This is perfect for me because I do not want to spend all morning doing my hair. And thank you for the tip of practicing because I do get discouraged when it doesn't come out right.