Monday, March 5, 2012

Brow Power!

What do your eyebrows say about you?  Are they understated and simple?  Are they bold and full?  Or are they over-plucked and need some repair?  Eyebrows make such a difference in your entire face.  Too dark can be overpowering and harsh.  Too light and your eyes become shapeless and have no structure.  When was the last time you really looked at their shape and color, and do you like what you see?  
Here are some helpful tips for making the best of your BROWS!

Tip #1-  Don't over pluck!  Although plucking is necessary, don't have a heavy hand about.  Constantly take a few steps back from the mirror and access.  Make sure you don't have a huge gap in the middle, skinny little line eyebrows, or have two tadpole looking eyebrows.
Here is a helpful guide to show you how the brow should be shaped:

Tip #2- Fill in your Brows, even if it's just a little!  Most people's eyebrows start to thin towards end, so start at the arch and fill in the ends with a pencil or powder.  If you have very light eyebrows naturally, pick a light blonde shade and fill in between the hairs.  It's important to have a little shape, and you don't want them to disappear from a distance!  And remember, if your eyebrows are too light and thin, they will disappear in pictures!  Like this:

However- Avoid filling them too dark!  Like this:

Tip #3-  Trim them!  If they tend to get bushy and full, you can groom them by brushing up the hair and trimming them with cosmetic scissors.  This also keeps your eyebrows in place better, they will stay tamed.  If you're too nervous to do this, then it's a great opportunity to go to a PROFESSIONAL for help.  They will wax all the strays, trim and get them looking fabulous!  Then it's easier to follow their shape when plucking! 

Here are some examples of great eyebrows!!  

 For Darker Brows

Medium Tones

And Red heads or Blondes

XO - L & D

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