Sunday, February 19, 2012

Top 5 Most Requested Makeup Looks!

After doing makeup for many years, we tend to get a lot of similar requests for Bridal Makeup or Special Occasions.  Brides always bring pictures of what they want to try, and I love seeing what inspires them.  Here are the most requested looks . . .

1. "The Kim Kardashian"  
This look requires a lot of makeup, so not for the timid.  Contoured face, fuller eye brows, variety of eye shadows/liner, and a whole lot of LASHES!  

2. "The Classic"
The Bridal look that gives the natural girl a step up.  If you don't wear much makeup, this look will make you stand out from your everyday look.  Everything is proportioned (eyes, cheeks, & lips), not one stands out over the other.  Timeless beauty!

3. "The Smokey Eye"
Get this one A LOT.  If you are having a glamorous evening wedding, this look is for you! Make a statement with dark and seductive eyes, you won't get lost in the crowd! Pair with light cheeks and lips. 

4. "Red Lips"
Love the pop of color that red lips can add to your look.  Going for a vintage vibe for your wedding, this is something you might want to consider.  Nothing is more vintage than the timeless red lipstick.  Try using a stain, and it won't kiss off.

5. "The Bronzed Babe"
Golds, bronze, and chocolate browns.  This Bronzed up look is ideal for a beach or rustic outdoor wedding.  Brown shades on the eyes, bronzer for blush, and nude/brown lip.   Finish with a golden highlight on the cheeks!

So what's your favorite??

XO ~L & D

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