Friday, April 13, 2012

Frequently Asked Questions!!

 We wanted to share our FAQ's since we get many questions regarding our services. Hope everyone has a Happy Weekend!

Why should I hire a Hair &/or Makeup Specialist?
 -Your wedding is a day you'll never forget.  All eyes are on you, so wouldn't you rather trust professionals to help you look perfect!?  Our team is there for you! We have a Team of Artists that specializes in Hair (sculpting) and Makeup (painting).We are professional trained and experienced at our craft, and it is important that you find a professional for your special occasion.  
Are you a mobile hair and makeup company?  
  -Yes, Swell Beauty is a mobile company.  We can travel to you for both the preview appointment and on your wedding day. We do have a private location for Preview Services as well. We will come to where ever you're getting ready on the wedding day - Hotel, Home, Bridal Suite,Venue etc.  We do charge a travel fee. We will also travel outside So Cal, or out of state.  Please call or email for rates!

Why is a Deposit required to book my Wedding?
- We require all Brides to pay a deposit to secure their Wedding Date & Time, to ensure all our brides security & availability when they book with us. Deposit is deducted from Wedding Day Services. 

When should I schedule my Wedding Preview?                                                                  
 -We recommend you do your preview about 1-2 months before your wedding.  This will ensure that you have most other details planned (dress, hair accessories, jewelry, wedding colors, etc.), which ultimately will help with the Hair/Makeup styling.  Previews are typically at your home or our location and will last about 2 hours. We will schedule a Preview if time or schedule does not permit you to do a Preview 1-2 months prior to your Wedding.

Is a Preview required?
 -A preview before your wedding day is highly recommended, but not required.  This is when we get to plan, practice, and take pictures.  It also helps the actual wedding day run much smoother, as we know your style, hair, and skin type. We are willing to coordinate vision & timeliness via email if you are not able to do a Preview run.  

What do I bring to a Preview?
 -Bring with you, your dress, your hair piece/accessories,veil or pictures of these things and 2-3 pictures of your ideal look. Come with your hair washed from the day before (slightly dirty) and a clean moisturized face. Not required, but helpful for overall look in your Preview pictures.  

Why does the Brides Services cost more? 
-We will coordinate details with the Bride for up to 6 months prior to the Wedding. More importantly, we spend more time, and attention to detail on the Bride. Especially during her Preview and Wedding day Services. 

Do you use false eyelashes?
 -Yes, we use individual lashes and strips, depending on the look you're going for.  They are included with all makeup services.  

Can you work with Hair Extensions?
-Absolutely!  We can style both clip-in extensions/sewn-in extensions or individuals.  Your Hair Artist can help you decide if extensions would help your wedding day hairstyle.  If you would like to purchase extensions for your style that day, call us for recommendations.

How long will my makeup and hair take on the wedding day?
-We typically 1-2 hrs total on the bride for hair & makeup.  Bridesmaids will take about 35-45 minutes each.  We prefer to do the bride second to last so that she is the most fresh and perfected.

Will my hair & makeup last through the ceremony and reception?
-Yes, you can take comfort in knowing that we use top rated, high quality professional products only.  Everything will be waterproof or water resistant!  

When do I pay for my wedding services?
-A Deposit of $100 is due to secure the wedding date, that will be deducted from Wedding Day Services. Preview charge is due at the preview, unless Bride chooses to not book, her deposit will be deducted from Preview balance. Other charges and additional services due on wedding day.  We have a Paypal option on our website to pay for any or all services.  We also accept credit cards, cash, or checks on the wedding day(made out to Swell Beauty)  

Do you provide makeup to purchase for the day of the wedding for the bride?
-Yes! We provide many Touch up Kits for Purchase, to keep with you that day for touch ups. See the Wedding Prices page for your options! 


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