Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Cheek to Chic!!!

Whether your a blush girl or not, we all know that adding a little more color to the cheeks instantly adds life to your complexion.  Even before makeup existed, women would pinch their cheeks to get that natural blush.  Powder blush has been around for decades, but cream blush is a newer concept for most people.  The difference that cream blush gives is a more natural, glowing, and healthy looking cheek. It also lasts longer than powder since it melts into the skin.  While powder is still a great fall-back, Cream is our go-to!  
Here is a little guide on how to properly apply our favorite . . .

1. Start with your skin prepped.  She is wearing a tinted moisturizer and powder.
We absolutely love the Stila Convertible Color Lip & Cheek.  It's been awarded a "Best Beauty Buy" by countless magazines and blogs, get it at Sephora.

2. Apply a generous amount to the fingertip, this is the color Lillium, a light rosy pink.  

3. Start in the apples of the cheek, best way to do this is to SMILE.  Start dabbing and pressing it in, never rub.  It will dissappear too quickly and also take off the makeup underneath.

4.  This product can also be used on lips, either as a base color or by itself.  It comes in many colors, so you can get a really red or bright pink lip and cheek if desired.

5.  Finish with a gloss over lips and you're ready to go and glow!!

If you have never tried a cream blush, go out and find one! A couple things to keep in mind . . . IF you are very oily you may not like the finish. Stick with powder.  If you are dry, especially in the winter, you will love it!  You're skin will look so healthy!
Some others we like:

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