Thursday, June 7, 2012

Bride Series: Are you a MODERN Bride . . .

Unique, Trend-setter, Fresh & Bold, and not afraid to Make a Statement . . . .if you're liking this idea you could be a MODERN Bride!  
Do you want people to say "Awww how lovely" when they see you, or do you want their reaction to be "Wow, look at her!"  If you prefer the second, then get ready to put those traditional bridal looks aside for a more fresh and modern look instead.  Pick a look that you've never seen before, or something unexpected . .   You'll want:
-Makeup will be bold, but not overdone.  Fresh and on trend.  This could be darker smokey eyes with a color mixed in like purple, pink or even green.  Or another approach is bright sparkly eyeshadow paired with bold tangerine cheeks and lips! 
- Hair styles these days tend to follow the same trends, look for a new and unique approach.  Think outside the box- a super high bun, big full hair curled and ratted out, twists to the side, or slicked back.  Keep things clean and simple.
- Accessories can be taken to the next level, take a risk with something that stands out.  A statement necklace, a big hair piece or flower, or a very detailed modern dress sometimes only needs great and makeup to compliment it.  
Here's some awesome looks we are loving this season . . .

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